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GiGwi Smart Moving Squeaky Mouse (Brown Ear)

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Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats, Replaceable Battery

21.59 x 10.92 x 4.06 cm; 68.04 Grams
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: GiGwi Smart Moving Mouse looks, sounds and runs like a real mouse. It is designed to stimulate & satisfy your indoor cat's hunting instinct and keep them on paws.
  • FUN TO PLAY: Turn on the toy and place it on a flat floor, the mouse will begin squeaking and moving randomly in different directions when touched by your cat. It will stop after a few seconds. And it will automatically turn around when blocked by an obstacle.
  • HEALTH BEBEFITS: Playing with interactive cat toy provides mental stimulation for your indoor cat and keeps them physically active, helping to prevent boredom, overweight, destructive behavior.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of high-grade plush fabric top and plastic bottom, wheels covered by soft rubber. Comes with motion activated sound chip, built-in radial sensor, and a replaceable button battery.
  • SAFETY TIPS: (1) Intended for pets only. Keep out of reach of children. (2) Always supervise your pet while playing. Please remove and replace the toy if it is damaged, broken or falling apart, as it may result in serious injury. (3) Not suited for pets who can break toys easily.